The cafe’s name is from the dictionary definition of monument:
“A lasting evidence, tribute, reminder or enduring example of someone or something notable or great”
The Cafe is a tribute to the now vanished roadside cafes of Texas and the families who operated them, serving simple but satisfying food and functioning as  unofficial community centers for the small towns in which they were located.


Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. We are open from 7am to 3pm every day.


Q. Are you open on holidays?

A. We are open every day  excluding Christmas. (Other major holidays we will have limited hours)


Q. What time do you stop serving breakfast?

A. We serve breakfast all day until close!


Q. Do you take reservations?

A. No. Unfortunately we do not take any form of reservations or call ahead seating.


Q. Why do you always run out of King Ranch Casserole?

A. We choose only to serve quality product at our cafe. The amount we make determines how fresh it will be when it hits your table. If we make too much, quality will decrease and waste will increase.


Q. Why are you no longer open for dinner ?

A. Breakfast and lunch is what we do best! We want to continue focusing our time and resources to bring you the freshest food in new and exciting styles paired with great service! With more control over our product, we can give our guests better quality of food and service and our staff more time to be with their families.

Q. Do you sell Gift Cards?

A. We do! You can purchase them in person or click here to order them online . They are valid at both Monument Cafe and El Monumento. 

Q. Do you sell whole pies?

A. Yes! You may purchase a variety of pies and cakes for pick up with a 48 hour notice.  Click here to order online.

Need a pie today? We may have a Monument Chocolate or Coconut Cream Pie on hand for you. Call us at 512-930-9586 to check availability.


Q. Are you a pet friendly establishment?

A. As much as we love animals we regretfully do not allow them in our establishment unless they are certified service animals.


Q. Do you have a Gluten Free Menu?

A. We are not a Gluten Free Certified establishment, but we do offer some gluten free items such as Udi's buns that can be used on sandwiches and burgers, Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes and our Signature Gluten Free Monument Chocolate Pie. Additionally, most fried items can be done in gluten free batter, but they share an oil with all other fried items.


500 S. Austin Ave

Georgetown, TX